Uktv Iptv


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So simple to install just attach to your cars interior mirror with the traps provided & plug in to your cig lighter that's it. High-tech 1080p HD Dash Camera DVR can be used in so many ways: Have you ever been in a car accident? Chances are you will be. When the inevitable DOES happen, this awesome item can help you AVOID THE HEADACHE OF DEALING WITH THE POLICE and also FALSE CLAIMS AGAINST YOUR INSURANCE for an accident that was not your fault. This camera is great for capturing video of traffic accidents and reporting dangerous drivers. The most important aspect of this is it can help protect you by showing you were not at fault if, say for example, a bicyclist darts out into traffic and you hit them! Think of it as an irrefutable eye-witness sitting next to you as you drive. You can record yourself as you walk up to an ATM, install it in your teen’s car to keep an eye on their driving habits, or any number of useful things. Read on to see more amazing uses for cool little device: Emergencies: Record a car accident or damage for proof in court Record the face of an attacker or thief Record video of dangerous drivers It is also a great tool for any investigator or detective for recording evidence So many other FUN things! Pictures are for illustration only item may vary slightly as we supply different models but same spec.